Additional services

Re-Sharpening services:

Using our CNC cutter grinders, RWK Tool has the capabilities to bring old, dull tooling back to life. We can successfully regrind many drills, reamers and counter bores, providing our customers with extended use and reduced tooling costs. We also offer re-tipping services for carbide-tipped tooling, and re-forming, when applicable.

Coating services:

RWK Tool partners with third-party vendors to provide surface solutions that result in increased tool life. Based on the material the customer is machining, RWK Tool can recommend the correct tool coating to see increased tool life and performance.

Expedited delivery:

RWK understands that we work in a fast-paced world, and a lot of time our customer’s needed their tooling yesterday. We strive to do the best we can to meet our customer’s demands. When necessary, we can offer expedited delivery. We can turn solid carbide tooling around in a few days, and HSS or carbide-tip tooling around in approximately 1 week.